Countdown to Tokonatsu 2019

We are now officially less than two months before Tokonatsu 2019! Have you finished all of your preparations for the event? If not, we highly recommend that you start now!

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Tokonatsu 2018 - Valentines Day Competition

We <3 Tokonatsu, Valentines Day Competition Special!

This week the air is being filled with love, and here at Tokonatsu we would like to share the love with you! Over the week we are running a competition, in which you could win a Free Ticket [*] and a Tokonatsu Hoodie [**] [***]!

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Tokonatsu returns in 2017!

Welcome back to Tokonatsu 2017!

Once again we a proud to announce our return in 2017, with our dates down as the 4th - 7th of August! Along with our return, we are back at our fantastic campsite The Boyd Campsite and Activity Centre in the wonderful village of Henlow, Bedfordshire.

Ticket pricing will be £50.00 for the weekend, with Early Access Tickets available direct for £70.00.

Find out more about our ticket prices by clicking here.

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Get ready to make your house choice

Tokonatsu gets closer and closer, and there is hustle and bustle over at Toko HQ.

We have a new addition to the site this year, a brand new page for Tokonatsu Houses!

You may notice that the teams have not been filled yet. Do not fret! This is because we want your input.

On Friday 15th of July from 9pm, you will be able to choose your preferred house by going to our team choices page.

Think long and hard about your choice!

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Food Trucks at Tokonatsu

Those of you who saw the Q&A Livestream will know already, but we’re in the process of organising food vans to cater this year’s festival. We’ve already announced two food vans and one mobile bar, but more should be on the way in due course. Details of these can now be found on the website. Don’t forget, breakfast will still be served from our kitchens every morning!

If anyone has any suggestions or questions, contact us!

Find out about the confirmed vendors by clicking here.

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Welcome to Tokonatsu 2016

Welcome to Tokonatsu 2016!

To make communication easier with everyone, we decided to bring along the "news" page on the website. We hope that we can use this to expand on announcements made via social media and other forms of communication so that everyone is fully informed of what is happening ahead. Additionally we have included a Disqus comment system at the bottom, which means that you can also write your replies here and the team will pick this up for you.

Can't wait to see everyone at the festival, and thank you for reading!

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