The Event

Tokonatsu festival begins at 12:00pm on Friday, 16th August 2024, and you won’t be allowed on site until this time! The event will then run until 12:00pm on Monday, 19th August 2024. Attendees may remain on-site until this time, but cannot remain after. This is for insurance reasons. Early Access tickets allow you access on site from 3:00pm on Thursday, 15th August 2024.
Please note that we have sold out of parking spaces on-site. Please note if you have purchased parking, the ticket that is generated must be displayed in your car window. We will have a limited number of Blue Badge spaces available as well, which are free and allocated on a first come first served basis via the ticket system. The purchasing of parking tickets is done at the same time as your initial event ticket purchases.


Tokonatsu is open to people of all ages, however anyone under 16 years old will require their parents/legal guardians to complete a parental consent form before their registration can be processed.
Unfortunately, due to insurance reasons we are unable to let attendees on-site before the stated opening times. You will be restricted to the car park if you arrive before then.
The only thing thing you need to bring is your ticket so we can scan your QR code to check you in. Please note that each item you buy requires a separate ticket, i.e. your hoodie will have a different ticket than your entry ticket.
For entry to Tokonatsu you do not need to bring any form of ID. However as we are an all age event we have 18+ paper wristbands and we need to see your ID to give you one of these.

The wristbands are to show that you are 18+. Please be aware that any individual found to be drinking without a wristband, or anyone who enables those without wristbands to drink will be immediately removed from site, banned from future events, and appropriate legal action will be taken against them.

In addition, if any 18+ panels are being run you will require one of these wristbands to allow entry to it.

We will accept valid passports and driving licenses and any form of photo ID that meets the PASS standard.
If you are 18+ and do not have any valid photo ID please contact our Registrations Officer
We can provide a complimentary Carer's ticket alongside a regularly paid ticket but we will require evidence of you being a carer for the named person. If you would like to enquire about this please contact our Registrations Officer at [email protected].
The Day tickets give you access during for the day that you have purchased. It does not give you 24 hours from when you arrive and does not include an overnight stay.

In recent years we have had ticket prices rise based on the date. The reason we started this is that we have found people are increasingly buying their tickets for Tokonatsu very close to the event. As much as we do understand the reasons behind this, especially in the current financial climate, this makes it very difficult for us as we use the money from ticket sales to pay for things necessary to run Tokonatsu and make it as good as an event for you all as we can, the later we have access to the finances the harder it is for us to get everything we need on time and at the best price.

So, we introduced the timed price rises to encourage people buy their tickets as early as possible and although this helped it did not have the effect we had hoped. Therefore we have decided to try another method, the first 75 people to get their weekend tickets will at the lowest prices, then the prices will rise £10. Then the next 75 people then get their weekend tickets at this price, once these are sold out the tickets will have their final price rise of another £10. The rest of the weekend tickets will be sold at this price.

This year any Merchandise should be preordered as an add-on to your Tokonatsu registration. This will be available to be picked up on-site. Please see the Merchandise section of the FAQ for more details.


We have a range of personalised hoodies (both in black and yellow). We also have a new design for the Tokonatsu 2024 T-Shirts. For more information check out the merchandise page here.


Unfortunately, at this current time, we are unable to allow campervans or motorhomes to stay on site or in the parking lot. This is due to various reasons including our insurance reasons. However, we are looking into trying to make it a possibility for future events. There is another site a short distance away where it may be possible for you to book to use a campervan called Henlow Bridge Lakes.
We are unable to allow attendees to bring cookers that use any form of combustible fuel on site due to Health & Safety and insurance reasons. There will be food vans with food available to purchase including hot drinks and you are welcome to head offsite for hot food as well.
We have a designated smoking area at the campfire area. If this is changed it will be announced at the event itself. We do ask that if you are smoking that you be mindful of other attendees.
We at Tokonatsu recognise the Sunflower Lanyard as a symbol for hidden disabilities and we ensure all our staff members are aware of this. You are more than welcome to bring it and wear it throughout Tokonatsu. If you do need a bit of extra support you are also more than welcome to approach a staff member who will try to help you or will try to get someone who can help if they are unable to.