What are Tokonatsu Panels?

Panels could include all sorts of topics from discussions to performances, presentations to a learning environment.

Come along, take part and learn something new at one of the Tokonatsu panels!

Want to host your own panel?

Are you interested in sharing your wealth of knowledge and hosting you very own panel at Tokonatsu? That’s wonderful to hear! Head over to our registration page to submit your idea.

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Further Questions & Queries

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about the panels at Tokonatsu, please feel free to email The Toko Retreat Team and we will try to answer as many questions as possible.

Event Attractions

Felting Panel

One of the most popular crafting panels at Toko, this is a chance to get your hands on every colour of fluff and slowly stab it into something wonderful! We have a theme for each panel and will be on hand to help you go from “what on earth is this and how does it work?” to “wow look at this adorable creature I made!“. And we also have a large stock of loose felt for making whatever your heart desires.

Martial Arts Panel

Do you want to learn self defence? Do you dream of sweeping the leg? Come along to a demonstration of small weapons skills, fun distractions and useable self defence techniques. - Organised by DragonWolf

Name That Anime Tune!

Are you the kind of person who skips anime openings or endings? Hopefully not because that knowledge will prove extremely useful in this game! Stretch your memories to help reveal the origin of that theme that's on the tip of your tongue. Oooh! I know this.... where was it from again?

Origami Panel

Origami, the Japanese art of folding paper… So that is what we will do. Let's fold some paper, come along and try to fold some little boxes or maybe even lotus flowers, or just anything you like.

Para Para Panel

Fancy having a go at Japan’s most high energy calisthenics to super hyper dance music? Para Para is the panel for you! We’ll teach you two dance routines step-by-step (or is that wave-by-wave?) and introduce you to the best club style dancing in Japan! Bring your friends, make them dance with you, make new friends, dance with them!

Powerpoint Karaoke

Calling improvisers, blaggers, and anyone who wants a cupcake: Powerpoint Karaoke is here for you! All you need do is give a three-minute talk based on the slides we provide. What could possibly go wrong and/or melt your mind?

Sake Panel (18+)

An introduction class to the making, history and tasting of Japanese Sake. Ages 18+ only and limited spaced available.

Science Panel

Come join our local mad scientist as they guide you through a wonderful world of discovery! This year’s offering? Extracting fruit DNA!

Tea Ceremony Panel

A short demonstration of the Japanese “Way of The Tea” (茶道) ceremony. You will get to experience the ceremony first hand while leaning a little about the history of this Japanese custom.

Tea Ceremony Workshop

Come join for an involved and intimate workshop on the traditional tea ceremonies.

Welcome Panel

First Timer? Regular that want to meet some new folk? Still confused after 20 years of attending? We got you covered at the Welcome Panel! It's an informal meeting with some staff who are happy to answer any questions you might have!

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