Glamping - High Class Camping

Camping huh?

Some of us are, of course, less fond of braving the outdoors, the whole - bugs, hard floor, potential soggy pillow thing — it really isn’t up our street.

Why not try Glamping?

These little lifesavers are put up in advance before you arrive and come down after you’ve returned to the comfort of your own home and thus require no effort on your part. They’re snug, comfortable and completely Instagram worthy.

Glamping tents will be available for both Early Access and Standard Entry, and will need to be vacated on Monday morning. We will be placing the glamping tents in a specific area of the field, and will be ready for you when you arrive. Your registrations team will guide you to your home for the weekend!

Details of how to order will be announced soon!

Glamping Tent at Night