What are our Outdoor Events?

What kind of festival would we be without some fun in the sun? Our legendary outdoor gaming team have concocted a bunch of magnificent games to keep you on your toes in your houses' fight for first place!

Show off your skills with a water gun as you claim victory over the opposing teams or put the ‘heave’ into the popular tug-of-war (try not to get wet!) - there’s so many things to get involved with over the weekend!

Further Questions & Queries

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about the outside events at Tokonatsu, please feel free to email The Outdoor Events Team and we will try to answer as many questions as possible.

Event Attractions

Capture the Flag

Raid the enemy stronghold while defending your own. Claim the enemy's flag and bring it back to your own base to win. Just don’t get wet or you may have to start again!

Card Captors

Go forth and seek point cards out in the wild and return them to base! Watch out though as there are guardians armed with water guns preventing you from returning. Get wet and lose your cards!

Otaku Royale

Perhaps the longest running original game at Tokonatsu, Otaku Royale is based on the critically acclaimed Battle Royale series. A free-for-all water fight. You'll get a bag containing a mystery item to assist you which may or may not be a water weapon. Will you team up or go solo? There can only be one in the end!

Slip and Slide

Take a trip (or slip) down our slip-n-slide see how far you can get. Feel free to bring your own floaties for extra flair!

Toko Disc

Come join the ultimate disc throwing event of the festival. In this non-contact game, you must work as a team to get yourself and the frisbee to the goal on the opponent side of the field.


One of the most traditional games you may find in any event, this game is popular in many cultures around the world - Japan included! Put your strength to the test! If you fail, you'll enter the splash zone and get wet!


Zombies try and eat some tasty humans in the game of ZonnbiDoggu! Best described as a modified version of British Bulldog, but best played to truly experience the awesomeness of this game! Brought to you in collaboration with the Toko Retreat team.

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