What is Cosplay?

Cosplay – the quintessential anime pastime – finds its home in Tokonatsu. At the Matsuri or as part of our open-air cosplay Masquerade, we have a range of events where you can showcase your favourite characters, your funniest skits, and your incredible craftsmanship!

Regardless of your cosplay making skill levels and whether you cosplay or not, all are welcome at our events!

Further Questions & Queries

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about cosplay at Tokonatsu, please feel free to email The Cosplay Team and we will try to answer as many questions as possible.

Event Attractions

Cosplay Blankety Blank

Welcome to Cosplay Blankety Blank. The game where you get to find out if you share a brain cell with your favorite characters! Through a series of prompts, you’ll use your creativity to fill in the blanks, and see if you can match your answers with the cosplayers on stage.

Cosplay Masquerade

Whether you’re looking to compete with your handmade cosplay, show off a bought costume, or showcase a cool talent or a funny sketch, Tokonatsu Masquerade is the time for your cosplay to shine! You can enter by yourself or in groups, and be in with a chance of winning a super-special cool prize!


In this co-operative guessing game, one player must guess the anime character they chose at random. The other players must write down one word clues to help them, however, if two (or more) people write down the same clue, both are removed from the pool, leaving fewer clues for the guesser. Do you go for the obvious clue, risking doubling up and losing clues? Or do you go more obscure, making a more difficult clue, but a wider pool to help? But does that leave the most obvious clue unsaid?

Ready Steady Backdrop

A new twist on an old favourite event for Tokonatsu. You're given a theme and then a time limit to try and create a suitable and believable backdrop for an upcoming cosplay scene! Brought to you in collaboration with Toko-Retreat.

Ready Steady Cosplay

We’ve all been there; the eleventh-hour cosplay crunch, fueled by ramen and energy drinks. But how do you cope under pressure? At Ready Steady Cosplay, we crank it up to eleven! Come and test your resourcefulness and creativity in working with your team to make a cosplay in just one hour!

Spooky Walk

Are you brave enough to face Tokonatsu’s new Test of Courage? Pit your wits and your valor against phantoms, solve the puzzles, find the sutras, win prizes!

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