Since the inception of Tokonatsu we have always lived on Scout Campsites, and as part of our commitment to the Scouts we have brought their values to our volunteers and attendees over the years.

Below you can find some examples of Tokonatsu sharing the scounting values to our audiences:

Registration Team helping out


We are open, we listen, We communicate and we take action. No matter who it is; volunteers, attendees or members of the public - we will provide them with accurate and trustworthy information.



We at Tokonatsu respect the community that we're based in providing a place for anyone to come along and enjoy themselves. We also respect that of our neighbours while we run the fesitval as we have a Noise Management policy in place to make sure that we do not disturb the local village in terms of loud music or PA Announcements.



Caring for our attendees and volunteers is number one on our priority list. With numerous risk assessments to protect the health, and a full fledged safegarding plan to cover the welbeing as well. We also make sure to look after the environment, as make sure that the grounds that we have used are kept clear of any rubbish after the event.



We celebrate Japanese culture with our Matsuri, wish trees and panels, allowing new and old attendees to explore the faiths, beliefs and attitudes that are part of the Japanese way of life.



Every year we like to work closely with the scouting campsite to help assist making it a better place for other scouts groups.

Other activities like this: