Risk Assessments

To ensure the safe running of Tokonatsu and your own safety, we create a number of risk assessments that cover all of the known risks associated with running a festival. To ensure visibility, we publish these risk assessments so that you are able to review them and understand some of the decisions we have made. Tokonatsu strives to be as safe and inclusive as possible and publishing the risk assessments hopefully gives you additional confidence in our goals. We always strive for the safety of all people at our festival.

Risk Assessment List

Department Last Reviewed Link Notes
General 12/06/2022 Click here Tokonatsu General, covering all non-event risks
Generator 21/05/2022 Click here Generator maintenance and noise mitigation
Car Parking and Vehicle Movement 12/06/2022 Click here Details of any vehicle risks
Buildings 12/06/2022 Click here Risks associated with the use of buildings
Main Stage 12/06/2022 Click here Specifically noise related risks
Construction 12/06/2022 Click here Temporary structure risk assessments
Campfire 12/06/2022 Click here Running of the campfire


Due to COVID-19, risk assessments have been produced covering the additional risks and controls that Tokonatsu are taking. To reduce the confusion, and due to a number of events being unable to run, we have removed all their risk assessments and replace them with COVID-19 specific RAs. You can find them by clicking the link below as part of our COVID-19 specific hub

COVID-19 Risk Assessments