Anti-harassment Policy


Recognising the importance of the Equality Act 2010, Tokonatsu is committed to providing a safe space in all its functions and events, for all employees, attendees, guests and third parties. We understand that discrimination, bullying and harassment in all its forms are intolerable, and safeguarding against such acts is the responsibility of everyone in the community.

Defining Discrimination & Harassment

The Equality Act defines discrimination in the following ways:

Protected characteristics are also defined in the Equality Act, and are the foundation upon which Tokonatsu executes this policy at its events and in the workplace.

Designated Safeguarding Personnel

To effectively execute this policy, Tokonatsu has designated Safeguarding Officers who are certified in Safeguarding procedures:

These individuals are responsible for overseeing Safeguarding incidents on-site, during events, and within Tokonatsu’s organisation. Exceptional circumstances notwithstanding, all are present during Tokonatsu’s core operations to ensure this policy is enacted to its fullest.

What are the risks?

If an individual or group feels they are being harassed, discriminated against (directly or indirectly), or victimised they should immediately contact one of the designated Safeguarding Officers for a confidential disclosure of the incident, arranged at the safest and soonest possible moment. Once the disclosure is received and recorded by the Safeguarding Officer, it will be reported at their utmost discretion to the most relevant local authority.

If in the eyes of the Safeguarding Officer, the disclosure received directly impacts the safety of attendees, including the individual disclosing the incident, Tokonatsu staff reserve the right to terminate the membership of those involved, eject them from the site, and exclude them from future attendance pending a yearly investigation of the ban. This action may be taken even if the disclosure merits no action from relevant authorities, and is separate to any legal action taken.

In the exceptional circumstance that no Safeguarding Officer is immediately available to receive a disclosure, attendees & staff are encouraged to contact the following mobile number 07534 987023 to arrange a confidential disclosure. It must only be used to arrange a disclosure and does not serve as one in its stead.

Where is this policy available?

This policy will be made accessible to all individuals on-site during the festival proceedings, in both its full form and a condensed form that provides contact information for all Safeguarding Officers available at Tokonatsu functions. It will be made available to any who request to see the document in its full form and will be accessible on both the Tokonatsu website and with all its official policies for Staff at the Tokonatsu Campfire (Confluence).

Other details

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