The Campfire

After a long day of gaming, challenges and cosplay, why not head over to one of Tokonatsu’s unique elements - The Campfire! Where else will you find a large fire that is actually meant to be there rather than frantically being put out by the local fire department!

During this time you do not have to worry about anything. You are done for the day, there are no points to gain, just be yourself and let the gentle heat of the fire keep you company along with new and old friends. What remains is a wisp of calmness and quiet that gently guides you into a restful state, that will eventually power you for the following day.

The campfire will run as long as we have firewood. Our key volunteers will be on hand to ensure that everyone is safe. Don’t miss out on such a unique part of Tokonatsu and don’t forget to pack those torches for the journey back to your tent!

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