What are our Indoor Events?

Despite being an outdoor events festival, we have many events that take place under the protection from the elements. Come shine or rain we have a large collection of events over the weekend. We hope to see you there!

All of out indoor events at Tokonatsu are handled by the friendly and creative Toko Retreat team.

Who are Toko Retreat?

By now, I imagine a lot of you have a better idea of who we are, and what we offer, which is great! For some of you though, especially those that are new, there might still be some confusion as to where we fit in.

Some time ago now, we started to offer events at Tokonatsu for attendees to participate in that were more relaxed in nature and have slowly grown in scope as the years have gone by. It was a big honour for us to be asked to join the Tokonatsu family in this manner, and we take our role seriously, in bringing you serious fun!

We have sometimes looked intimidating to new-comers, as we have lots of lights and banners, but I assure you, these are designed to have you come over and say hello, and not to push you away! So if you see our banner, pop over and introduce yourself, stay for a chat if you like, we love meeting new people!

History of Toko Retreat

So, how did we start and why? In the days pre-dating the explosion of social media, Tokonatsu used to have a popular set of Forums, but they were only open a portion of the year, taken down as the site went through its yearly re-vamp. During this time, we thought it would be a great idea to have a place that the attendees could go to, and keep in-touch throughout the year. A ‘retreat’ from Tokonatsu if you will (hence our name!)

As such, we created a site, with a set of forums, and invited people to take part. We also became the defacto photo-gallery, and barring Foxy’s Instagram, probably have the largest collection of Tokonatsu Photos spanning back to 2005.

Click here to check out the Toko Retreat Website!

With the rise of Facebook though, our role changed, and our need faded. Through 2012-2015, we mostly existed in a capacity to bring Anime reviews and snippits of news from our inside links at Tokonatsu. We did start providing the Open Air Cinema in this time, but we were still an obscure entity.

Then we were asked to provide some panels and events, which culminated in us hosting the Writing, Art, and Colouring in competitions that some of you may have taken part in. These have been huge successes in the years we’ve run them, and we received nothing but good reviews from those that

Manga Donations

In the years that we've been helping out, we've expanded what we bring to the Toko-Table, and are now in charge of the Manga Library as a nice, relaxing area for all to use!

The Manga Library is supplied entirely by donated manga! If you would like to add to this collection, feel free to bring your unwanted manga down for others to enjoy.

Further Questions & Queries

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about the indoor events at Tokonatsu, please feel free to email The Toko-Retreat Team and we will try to answer as many questions as possible.

Event Attractions

Anime Pictionary

Split up into teams and try and draw the anime, manga, fasntasy, sci-fi, geek, meme or japanese-culture based word for everyone else to guess! Team with the most points win!

Art & Colouring Contests

Calling artists of all talent! Come and put your instrument of choice to paper (or door as we've had in the past!) and show us what you've got! Lacking in confidence? We got you covered! Come join us at the 1 hour Art and Colouring in contest! Prizes up for grabs with both!


Look out! Toko has become overrun with assassins! In Assassins (also known as Killer) you must take out your target using a variety of mock weapons over the event. If you catch your target, it's then time to move onto their target. Make sure you watch your back because someone has you in their sights!


Do you want to be the next Toko Karaoke Idol? Come along to our Karaoke at the events tent and belt out your favourite songs to your heart's content. We have a large library of all your favourite anime themes, J-Pop and J-Rock song so if you want to come along and try or just sit back and listen... everyone is welcome.

Manga Library

If you want to take a moment to kick back and relax while chilling out and reading some manga, we've got that covered too! Shhh! Please be considerate of those around you.

Name That Anime Tune!

Are you the kind of person who skips anime openings or endings? Hopefully not because that knowledge will prove extremely useful in this game! Stretch your memories to help reveal the origin of that theme that's on the tip of your tongue. Oooh! I know this.... where was it from again?

Silent Disco

Get your nerd on and party hard at the toko rave yard! For AMV's, Rock & Pop Alt & Cheese from the 80s, 90s and 00's, Clubland Night core and of course Intros we have it all at our silent disco! If the music is not your jam switch the channel on your headset to pick your tunes!

Toko Cinema

Thanks to our friends over at MVM Entertainment, we have a selection of anime shows and films screening throughout the event. Grab a camping chair, some popcorn and relax. Enjoy re-living a classic or perhaps try watching something new!

Toko Quiz

The highly anticipated Toko Quiz is usually one of the last events before the closing ceremony. Prove your self and put your knowledge to the test as a variety of rounds and topics as you work together in your teams to show who are the true big brains at the event.

Writing Contest

Do you have an imagination that's bursting with ideas, and no idea where to put them? Well try your hand at this year's 1 hour Writing competition, and let those ideas live! Also, there are prizes!

Photo Gallery

Other activities like this: