Own a business or offer a service related to our core audience? Camping, Safety in the open air, Anime, Manga, Gaming, Asian Movies/Dramas or SUGAR!?! We can provide you with great exposure to a fantastic and eager community.

We will only accept a minimal number of sponsors per event for maximum exposure. We accept sponsorship for the running costs of Tokonatsu as well as non-monetary donations which are used as prizes towards games and competitions as well as rewards for the Gophers who generously donate their time and effort. In return we can offer to put up your promotional materials throughout our event such as posters/flyers etc and also include an advert in the conbook/conbag as well as a link on our website/social media should you wish.

If you would like to become a sponsor do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss things further and we will be happy to tailor options to suit.



Contact us for further details or if you have any queries.

Elli: TokoMart Liaison