Disappearing under a mountain of things? Time for a clearout? The Bring and Buy is the perfect opportunity! Acceptable items include all manner of geeky items, not just Anime or Manga. So anything ranging from Loot Crate and Bookish items, collectibles, tabletop gaming to general Sci-Fi, Fantasy and of course Asian or gaming culture items are perfectly acceptable. Be it Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese etc. We have a fairly lax policy with what is and isn't allowed; however keep it reasonable. No VHS at all unless it is something extremely rare in nature. For clothing please use your judgement, as long it is Cosplay, KPop, Gaming, Asian Fashion or Lolita related it should not be a problem. If you are unsure about a specific item you may want to bring; get in touch and someone can let you know. 

How to price your items:


Contact us for further details or if you have any queries.

Elli: TokoMart Liaison