Registration for Tokonatsu 2024 Opening Soon!

By Kurt Schofield | Sunday, 1 October 2023

We've all been working hard behind the scenes and are happy to announce that Tokonatsu 2024 registration will be opening up very shortly.

Like the last few previous years in order to encourage attendees to place their orders early, we will be discounting the cost of the adult full-weekend ticket for those that get in early.

The price changes will continue to work in waves. We're aware that last year, attendees were disheartened at how quickly these places were taken and as such we have increased each wave from 50 to 75 tickets for both first waves.

Adult Weekend Ticket Prices:

  • Wave 1 - First 75 Attendees: £75.00
  • Wave 2 - Next 75 Attendees: £85.00
  • Wave 3 - All Remaining Attendees: £95.00

Details on the other tickets will be released closer to the time. Keep an eye on social media for more information. The tickets for Tokonatsu 2024 are due to go online on Friday, 10th November at 8:00pm GMT.

New 2024 Merchandise

We're proud to announce the new merchandise that will be available for 2024. After the popularity of the personalised hoodies from last year, they will be returning with the additional option of yellow.

Further to the hoodies, you'll also be able to grab the Tokonatsu 2024 edition of T-shirt. Available in classic black, Suzaku-red, Seiryuu-blue, Genbu-Green and Byakko-Orange. Which one will you grab?

Click here to find more information about our 2024 Merchandise Collection.

What's next?

Keep an eye on our social media posts as we countdown the launch to the opening of registration for Tokonatsu 2024. We hope to see you all soon!

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