Tokonatsu 2020 Registrations Open!

By Kurt Schofield | Monday, 11 November 2019

Tokonatsu 2020 is now officially open for registration! If you would like to register for Tokonatsu 2020, you can do so by heading here.

As previously announced, Tokonatsu 2020 will be running from Friday 31st July to Monday 3rd August 2020. Continue reading to find out more about ticketing, prices and how to get involved!

Event Ticketing

Please be advised that the prices of the ticket will increase the closer to the event we are and so we advise all attendees to register earlier rather than later! The prices for the event are as follows:

11th Nov 2019
until 5th Mar 2020
6th Mar 2020
until 31st May 2020
1st June 2020
until Tokonatsu 2020
Standard Access Adult (16+) Ticket £50.00 £55.00 £59.00
Early Access Adult (16+) Ticket £70.00 £75.00 £79.00
Standard Access U16 (10-15) Ticket £25.00 £25.00 £25.00
Early Access U16 (10-15) Ticket £35.00 £35.00 £35.00
Child Ticket (0-9) FREE* FREE* FREE*

*Child Tickes (Aged 0-9) are only available when purchased alongside a full price adult ticket.

» Standard Access grants entry from Friday 31st July at 12:00pm to Monday 3rd Aug at 12:00pm.
» Early Access grants entry fom Thurs 30th July at 12:00pm to Mon 3rd Aug at 12:00pm.
» One and Two-Day passes are also available for those unable to stay for the whole weekend.


We hope you are as excited about Tokonatsu 2020 as much as we are! In the mean time, please join us over on the official Tokonatsu Discord server where you can join in on the online community.

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