Tokonatsu 2018 Valentine Day Competition

By Adam Hay | Sunday, 2 December 2018

We <3 Tokonatsu, Valentines Day Competition Special!

This week the air is being filled with love, and here at Tokonatsu we would like to share the love with you! Over the week we are running a competition, in which you could win a Free Ticket [*] and a Tokonatsu Hoodie [*] [**]!

What we would like you to do is take a picture with something that you love that relates to Tokonatsu or Japanese Culture with the #ILoveTokonatsu, so this could be anything from you watching Anime, to shopping at Japan Center, to partaking in a game of Mahjong, and post it on any of our social media sites.

We will allow multiple entries to give you that extra chance of winning. Competition closes midnight GMT on Thursday 22nd February, and the winner will be announced on our Facebook Page and Twitter account.

Terms and Conditions:

  • You may enter as many photos or videos as you like, but they must have something to do with Tokonatsu OR Japan / Japanese Culture
  • You must remember when posting the image to include the #ILoveTokonatsu, as any entries without this may be missed or overlooked.
  • In order to claim your free ticket, Register on our website and contact our Registrations Officer in order to claim your ticket.
  • If you have already registered and paid for a ticket, you may pass this ticket to a friend or a special someone.
  • Your Tokonatsu Hoodie will be provided to you on the day of your arrival, If you cannot make it, we will get it delivered to you.

[*] The free ticket provided will be a standard ticket only, you can still pay a little extra to get it upgraded to early entry.
[*] You can either choose the hoodie of your choice, or allow your house allocation to choose your hoodie for you.
**] We are also including a special limited edition item of merchandise as well as a hoodie, We won’t give away what it is until the day!

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