Risk Assessments

To ensure the safe running of Tokonatsu, we have put together specific “COVID-19” risk assessments that will cover all of the risks associated with attending the festival while ensuring that Tokonatsu is COVID-Safe. For visibility, we have decided to publicise the risk assessments so that you can feel confident in the work Tokonatsu’s volunteers have put in to ensure your safety.

Department Status Link Notes
General Author Reviewing TBC Tokonatsu General, covering all non-event risks
Food Court In Progress TBC Eating area by the food vendors
Matsuri Not Started TBC Saturday Night’s Japanese Matsuri
Opening and Closing Not Started TBC Group gatherings at the start and end of Tokonatsu
Campfire 1st Review TBC Nightly campfire near to the festival area
Photography Author Reviewing TBC Specificity for Tokonatsu Photographers (not attendee)
Cosplay: General Author Reviewing TBC Cosplay’s general risks
Cosplay: Blankety Blank Author Reviewing TBC Cosplay’s Blankety Blank Game
Cosplay: Haunted Walk Author Reviewing TBC Cosplay’s night time Haunted Walk
Cosplay: Ready Steady Cosplay Author Reviewing TBC Cosplay’s RSC Game
Cosplay: Masquerade Author Reviewing TBC Cosplay Masquerade on Saturday
General Panels Author Reviewing TBC General risks associated with running all panels
Panel: Para Para 2nd Review TBC Para Para dance panel
Panel: Kimono 2nd Review TBC Kimono demonstration panel
Panel: Wool Felting 2nd Review TBC Wool felting activity panel
Panel: 2 Hour Role Play Author Reviewing TBC Interactive role play panel
Panel: Origami 2nd Review TBC Interactive origami demonstration panel
Panel: Pictionary Author Reviewing TBC Interactive word association game
Panel: Martial Arts Author Reviewing TBC Martial arts demonstration panel
TokoR Cinema Author Reviewing TBC Outdoor evening cinema
Quiz Author Reviewing TBC Group interactive quiz
TokoMart In Progress TBC Dealers and vendor marquee
Traditional Gaming 1st Review TBC Traditional Games Marquee and entertainment
Console Gaming 1st Review TBC Electrical console gaming marquee
Events: Capture the Flag In Progress TBC Capture the Flag group activity game
Events: Card Captors In Progress TBC Card Captors group activity game
Events: Tug of War In Progress TBC Tug of War group activity game
Registrations 1st Review TBC Front entrance and badge collection, registrations marquee