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We are in the process of updating our website! Thank you to all that attended! Our new dates are the 2nd - 5th of August 2019!
There are many different activates and events happening at Tokonatsu. We have many different areas of interest that we are sure that you will find something of interest to do! Even if you just enjoy a bit of sun with your friends, Tokonatsu will always keep you entertained. If you have any questions, please use the Contact Us page.

The Venue

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The venue situated in 12 acres of grounds in the village of Henlow in Bedfordshire.

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The Matsuri (Japanese for festival) open each evening of the event.

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The main star of the show is the Bring and Buy which can run extremely large.

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Cosplay is the art of making and wearing costumes, that attendees can showcase at the Masquerade.

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Outdoor Gaming

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The usual festival greats, and some special games specifically designed just for Tokonatsu.

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After a long day of gaming, challenges and cosplay, why not head over to one of Tokonatsu's unique elements.

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Traditional Gaming

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Be it board games, card games or role-play games; there's something for everyone.

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