What is the general contact number for Tokonatsu?

The general information contact number is +44 (0)333 408656
Will there be an emergency contact number to contact the committee during the event?

The emergency contact number is +44 (0)7534 987023, and will put you in touch with either Colin (Myst) or David Walters (zerocool42). Please ensure that your emergency contact knows this number!
What if I need to report a safeguarding issue?

You can fill out the anonymous report form, or if you want to talk to someone then call one of our Safeguarding Officers on +44 (0)7534 987023.


What is the address for the camp site?

Boyd Campsite and Activity Centre
Church Road
SG16 6AN

For more information, please see our Venue page

Is there any car parking on site?

There will be parking available near to the campsite, which can be requested when you buy your ticket (pricing shown on your registration request). These will be on a first come first served basis. If you have a Blue Badge, you may park for free, and we will have designated bays as close to the site as we can. If you have any additional queries, please contact our Registrations Officer.
Are petrol/gas/fuel/flammable liquid operated power generators permitted on site?

Attendees may not bring their own petrol/gas/fuel-operated power generators.
Will there be available electricity on site?

There are a small number of electrical sockets available for use with committee permission, but we cannot guarantee access! This is a campsite; please come prepared with means to charge your phone, such as a power bank. If you need to call someone, the committee has an emergency phone for such occasions.
Will I be able to light my own fire/bring my own BBQ/any other flammable question?

Attendees are not permitted to light fires on-site – we encourage you to enjoy our very own Tokonatsu bonfire!
Can I bring my pet to Tokonatsu?

Animals and pets are not allowed on-site. If you arrive with one, you will be turned away.
How do I get to the campsite if I don't have a car?

There are trains, taxis and stagecoaches that all arrive within reasonable distance of the campsite. Please refer to our Venue Page for more information.
Are there toilet and shower facilities on the campsite?

Of course! Toilets and hot showers are available, and suitable for every attendee.
What kind of meals do you provide at the event?

Every morning we will supply various cereals, toast and other cold items for breakfast, and our excellent food vans are open throughout the event for the rest of your needs!
What sort of security is there on site?

Tokonatsu is located in an open field with a public walkway that runs through the middle. We have staff and gophers dedicated to keeping the event safe and fun for all involved – however, please take reasonable precautions with any valuables you bring to site! We are not responsible for any loss of or damage caused to your personal items.


What size/type/shape/style of tent can I bring to Tokonatsu?

Please be sensible, and pack only according to the needs of you or your group! If you are a large group and sharing one or more large tents, please contact the festival staff before the event begins!
I don't have my own tent, do you supply any?

We will have a limited number of tents available for purchase if you do not have one, but they are first come first served.


How long is the event for?

Tokonatsu’s festival begins at 12:00 on Friday, 2nd August 2019, and the site will be inaccessible until this time! The event will then run until 12:00 (noon) on Monday, 5th August 2019. Attendees may remain on-site until this time, but cannot remain after.
Can I drink at Tokonatsu?

If you are over 18, you will be permitted to drink on site if you have a wristband! These are issued at registration after you provide appropriate, and valid, photo I.D. (passport, driver’s license, ValidateUK card etc.) If this band is removed or damaged, you will be able to replace it.

Please be aware that any individual found to be drinking without a wristband, or anyone who enables those without wristbands to drink, will be immediately removed from site, banned from future events, and appropriate legal action will be taken against them.

What is the age limits for Tokonatsu?

Tokonatsu is available to all ages – however, if you are age 14 or younger, your parents will have to complete a consent form attached to your registration.
What are these "Recommended Age" notices on events?

Each of our events has a recommended age, indicating their suitability to attendees. Whilst these are recommendations and not hard rules, Tokonatsu is not liable for any distress caused by someone under these recommended ages attending such events.
I have a question about my registration/payment?

If you have questions about your place at Tokonatsu or your payment, please email [email protected]!