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We are in the process of updating our website! Thank you to all that attended! Our new dates are the 2nd - 5th of August 2019!

What is the address for the camp site?
Boyd Campsite and Activity Centre
Church Road
SG16 6AN

How long is the event for?
We will be opening our doors at approximately mid-day on the 3rd of August 2018. Please try and arrive closer to this time, as anyone arriving earlier may not be able to get on site. We finish in the evening on Sunday the 5th of August, we permit people to stay on site till Monday the 6th, however we all, including the committee, have to be off site by mid-day. No exceptions.

Is there any car parking on site?
There is very limited parking on site. As such it is requested that people bringing their own cars to park please request a permit here, these will be presented on a first come first served basis. We will need to know the size of the car, so we are able to work out if we can fit such a car on site. Note the dealers and other special cases will be dealt with by the appropriate committee member. Please note that confirmation will not contain your permit, this will arrive in a separate email closer to the event.

Will there be an emergency contact number to contact the committee during the event?
Yes, there will be a mobile phone which Colin (Myst) or David Walters (zerocool42) will have on them throughout the event. The phone number is +44 (0)7534 987023. Please make sure you do also forward this on to your emergency contact as well.

Are petrol/gas/fuel/flammable liquid operated power generators permitted on site?
The quick answer is NO. The slightly longer answer is, the committee have permission to bring a generator for use for the events, however this permission can't be extended to attendees. There is also the issue of insurance too. Anyone caught with one of these on site will be dealt with by the committee, which could mean being ejected from the site.

Will there be available electricity on site?
There will be a very small number of electrical ports (4) available by committee permission for the use of mobile phone charging. Due to the limited power supply ports within the main hut, which will be required for other committee items, we can not guarantee that you will be able to use a power supply. Note that on Sunday we maybe able to give exception if required for returning home, however the committee will have a fully charged emergency phone for any instances which require it. Remember to bring lots of batteries! (This is a camp site you know!)

Will I be able to light my own fire/bring my own BBQ/any other flammable question?
No, this is due to a number of insurance, permission and safety reasons. There are designated committee and staff members which have been assigned to areas which deal with items such as the BBQ and the Camp Fire, however the insurance will not cover any other additional people. You are also not permitted by law to light a fire anywhere on the camp site, other than within the camp fire circle, and this will be maintained and monitored by the designated staff members. Anyone found to be breaking this rule will be ejected from site, as this will invalidate our insurance.

Can I bring my pet to Tokonatsu?
Due to camp site restrictions, animals and pets are not allowed on the camp site. This is something that has been asked a number of times, with the same answer. Please be aware that anyone turning up with their pet will be turned away at registrations and asked to remove the pet from site. Additionally our own insurance does not cover animals on site, so causes additional concern.

What size/type/shape/style of tent can I bring to Tokonatsu?
Be sensible, I am not sure if I can put this any other way. Think logically, and everything will be OK. Do not go bringing a 12 man tent for yourself and your luggage. This will just be rejected on site. If you are willing to share with about 5-6 people or more for a 12 man tent, then possibly. The best thing to do, is if you have a 5 or more man tent, then contact us, to confirm that this will be allowed. Remember to include people you are sharing with as well, so that we can ensure that we do have room for these tents.

I don't have my own tent, do you supply any?
Yes, we have limited Toko-Tents of one man or two man capacity available on a first come, first served basis. These tents can be picked up at Registration on check-in day, and handed in on the day you leave Tokonatsu. Tent reservations are available on the registration form.

How do I get to the campsite if I don't have a car?
The closest train station is Arlesey Station where taxi's, and if demand is high enough, a dedicated Toko-Bus service will be running. Please email [email protected] if you would like to reserve a space on the Toko Bus. For other venue details, please click here.

Are there toilet and shower facilities on the campsite?
Yes, we have lovely running hot water and very modern flushing toilets. The showers at the campsite are naturally shared and are suitable for every Tokonatsu attendee.

What kind of breakfasts do you provide through the event?
We have a ready supply of various cereals, toasts and other cold items. Food vans may be on site that could serve hot breakfast if available.

What sort of security is there on site?
Tokonatsu is in an open field, there is a public walkway that runs through the middle. We do have members of staff which will be on the look out, and we also have gophers which will be about making sure that nothing bad is happening. However please make sure that you keep anything valuable safe. We do encourage lockable suitcases, and other secure containers to keep anything of any value in, however keep in mind... do you actually need to bring it to a field? As much as we do try to keep everything safe, Tokonatsu can not be held responsible for any personal items which are bought on site. If in doubt, contact us.

Can I drink at Tokonatsu?
If you are over 18, then we do permit drinking on site, however we will be bringing back the age band system again. For those that do not know what this is, it is a system where we issue a paper security wrist band out to those that can prove they are over 18. You should have your ID on you anyway from when you collected your badge. We will issue these bands out, if for any reason it comes off, or need to take it off, you will need to head to Ops to gain another one, you will have to bring your ID. Your old broken band will not count. Those seen drinking without a wrist band will be immediately removed from site, and banned from attending again. We frown even more on people who give alcohol to minors on site. This is ILLEGAL and we will take action, not only will you will be removed from site, we will be contacting the police. Keep in mind, if you see someone without a wrist band, don't let them drink, send them to Ops.

What is the age limits for Tokonatsu?
Tokonatsu does not have an age limit or minimum age limit for the camp site. However we require all people who are 14 years old or younger to fill out a consent form which is supplied to you during your registration. This is due to additional health and safety requirements of having children on the camp site.

What are these "Recommended Age" notices on events?
As you may have noticed, we have added a recommended age to each of our events. Due to the expansion of Tokonatsu to include members of all ages, some events are not suitable for children or members under the age of 18. To ensure that we are making you fully aware of what this entails, each event will come with a recommended age. If you are a parent or guardian of a child then you should make note of the reasons why the age recommendation is there. Tokonatsu, the committee, or its staff can not be held liable for any distress or other issues caused by someone under the recommended age attending an event within Tokonatsu.

If I have a question about payment or my place at Tokonatsu?
Please email [email protected], any messages sent via PM on the forum, will get ignored as we are monitoring the main email for important messages about registrations.