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At Tokonatsu we appreciate that making a report can contain a number of factors that prevent you from alerting our team in a reasonable way.

We have created this form, which can be used 24/7 both at the event and outside of the event. If you wish you do not have to include any of your details in the boxes below, however, please be aware that this will make any response difficult to achieve. Note, that while anonymity is implied there will be some information that can't be anonymised due to the way the internet works.

The information that will get logged is your IP address. This is setup within log files to ensure that no abuse of the form takes place. You may be permitted to use a VPN or TOR system to access this form if you wish to mark the IP information. All other information is completely optional, however, please make sure you log out of the website to ensure that we do not log against your user name for the site.

Report Form

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