Tokonatsu Festival

10th August - 14th August, 2023

Boyd Campsite, Henlow, Bedfordshire

About Tokonatsu

Tokonatsu is an all-ages Japanese Culture Festival, hosted outdoors in the gorgeous Bedfordshire countryside, just 40 miles from London. Running for over 16 years, Tokonatsu gives you the rare opportunity to pitch tents shoulder to shoulder with your fellow fans of all things Japanese! From our anime screenings and manga library, to the more traditional Tokonatsu Matsuri festival, to our bonkers outdoor events and massive traditional games area, you and your friends are sure to find something to love!

We run from Thursday 10th August till Monday 14th August 2023, with special perks for early access attendees!

Tokonatsu Tori Gate

The Matsuri

Experience something new

For one magical night you can be transported to a traditional Japanese festival. We hold a Matsuri on the Saturday night of Tokonatsu, with kimono dressing so you can look and feel fully part of the festivities. As well as traditional games and street food akin to what you would find in a real Japanese Matsuri.

Kimono Dressing


Dress up!

From our masquerade with dedicated get-ready tent, including hairspray, needles, thread and glue for those last minute fixes through to Ready Steady Cosplay where you can dive into a pile of fabric and battle against other teams in a quick costume challenge, you’re sure to find a way to scratch that cosplay itch at Tokonatsu. We also have some of the best outdoor scenery for that perfect costume shoot!

Items for sale in the TokoMart


Show me the money

At our TokoMart you can expect to find some of the best up and coming artisans and dealers selling their art and creations, who are right there for you to speak to, ask questions and maybe even take on a commission. As well as our ever popular Bring & Buy for helping free up some space in your home and make a little money too!

Outdoor Gaming

Outdoor Events

Run Riot!

Our outdoor events encompass everything from the daring, energetic and madcap run through the woods armed with nothing but a water pistol of Otaku Royale (our take on Battle Royale), to the more traditional and team spirited tug of war, with water forfeit(!) and loads more. If sitting still just isn’t your thing, we have got you covered!

Glamping at Tokonatsu

Glamping at Tokonatsu

High-class camping!

Some of us are of course, less fond of braving the outdoors. The whole bugs, hard floor, potential soggy pillow thing... it really isn’t up our street. Why not try glamping?

Our Sponsors and Supporters

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