Greetings All,

I am Maid Nym and I would like to welcome you all to Cafe Kraken, the maid and butler cafe for the Tokonatsu Festival! I would like to spend this minute giving you a brief history of the cafe and letting you know what to expect when you pay us a visit.

Kraken Chan

This year is an exciting year for us as we celebrate our 5th year anniversary! We started our beginnings back in 2017 with very little supplies and knowing what we were getting ourselves into!

Maid Blossom

Through the help of our wonderful patrons over the course of the last 5 years, we have managed to grow! Both in the space we occupy and the amount of services and delightful food offerings that we can bring to you, our loyal customers!

2019 Kraken Chan

Our goal is to keep on growing, being able to bring you fresh options on our menu or a new song and dance while you enjoy your mid-afternoon tea, and we can't do that with out you!

Maid Nym

With 2020-2021 being a particularly interesting year for all the staff as we could not volunteer in the cafe. Several of us took to streaming, shared our stories and have made many new and wonderful friends along the way!

Cafe Kraken Logo

If you would like to know more about the cafe please visit and follow our social media platforms to keep up to date with our latest news! We aim to post atleast once a week!
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and that's all from me, until we meet again at Tokonatsu 2021! I hope that we have given you a taste of the history behind the cafe.

Take care and keep safe! Until we meet!
Maid Nym