Traditional Gaming

Welcome to the Traditional Gaming page. A humble yet amazing place filled with wonder and enjoyment to be had throughout the festival. If running around a with a water gun gunning down rivals as you go in an adrenaline rush shooting spree then this is the place for you! ....well you can enjoy both? So come along grab something that looks fun and maybe even a few friends along the way!

This year your Traditional Gaming Ninja Commandos from Hell are...
Franky667 -Ben Ward-Geddes. The Big Boss
Paal Mann - "Did nothing and looked good doing it"
Beaves - HarleyQQ - Sparticus

Board Games.

The reason we are here. This department brings together a delightful selection of games ranging from 15 minute chuckles to hours long epicfests. We have something here for you!
Some of the games we have here include.
King of Tokyo, Cash and Guns, Welcome to the Dungeon, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Luchidor.

Trading Card Game

Not just board games but we love to dabble in TCG as well. Magic the Gathering being a major attendee pleaser. Along side Magic the Gathering we have Yu-gi-oh which is also another popular game during the weekend. Also this weekend we are proud to provide tutorial games of Dragon Ball Super! KAMEHAMEHAAAA!

Challenge Trad

Throughout the weekend

We at Traditional Gaming see ourselves as a hardy, know it all bunch and each Tokonatsu we hold this event throughout the weekend to see if the attendees have what it takes to put us in our place. Choose your trad team member and a game chosen at random from a highly sophisticated game generator. Some of the games include
Magic the Gathering, Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon, Game of Life, Luchidor and more.
No need to bring your own cards we have it all provided.
Glory and mundo house await!


Look what we have in store for you all this year!


Throughout the weekend.

We at the Traditional Gaming Marquee are not afraid to take chances, so this year we are cranking things up to 11 with a selection of games we will be "experimenting “with. A game says 2 - 6 players? That’s cute lets try 12! Catch my drift? Keep your eyes peeled for what game we will be running. House points to the top players for each session.


Friday 2pm
Saturday 3;30pm
Sunday - Midday

Given how I mentioned Magic the Gathering being so popular at Tokonatsu we have decided to make things interesting with a tournament event that spans throughout the weekend. Each day will be a different format so this will test your versatility in your knowledge of the game.
Friday- Double Headed Giant
Saturday- EDH/ Commander
Sunday - Pauper Cube Draft.

For the Friday and Saturday events please bring appropriate decks.
Who will emerge victorious?


Friday 6:30pm

To welcome new and older attendees to Tokonatsu we will be running a series of fun selection of games for people to have a laugh and get to know one another a little easier and make a new friend or 10.
Joking Hazard, Code Names, Rock Paper Wizard and many more


Saturday 9pm

Bear Cavalry, Kittens, Super Heroes, Zombies and many many more fight it out for supremacy!
12 players Maximum
Factions will be assigned randomly
first round first to 15 point on each table
Top player from each table goes head to head in a 4 way final.
Come on magical ponies!

Shogun's Ultimate Werewolf

Sunday 8pm

Just when the festival draws to an end, Tokonatsu's chairman Myst jumps into action and hosts this amazing game of deduction and deceit! Keep your wits about you. No one is safe....

Mario Kart : Drink and Drive

Sunday 7pm
And last something completely different. Players put reflexes , stamina and driving skills to the test in this twist on one of Nintendo’s biggest games. Players must bring their own beer to this event. We recommend 330ml cans but if you fancy drinking bigger cans that’s fine.
The rules are...
Starting light turns green players crack open heir beer.
Beer cans must be completely empty once they pass the finish line. Any liquid left results in disqualification.
Players may only drink from their cans when their karts are absolutely still.
Remember, don't drink and drive!
Happy driving!

The Traditional Gaming Marquee
The Traditional Gaming Marquee

Traditional Gaming
Attendees enjoying a traditional card game