Traditional Gaming

If running about soaking people with water guns isn't your thing or you fancy a little something of a change of pace, or maybe its raining outside then the traditional gaming tent might just be for you. Be it board games, card games or role-play games; hopefully there's something for everyone. This is a great place to meet new friends and have a good laugh outwitting/out-playing your foes *cough cough*, we mean friends...

Board games

The main reason why the Traditional Gaming Tent is here. Be it an epic game of Intergalactic conquest, funny games of trying to outdo one another or games of dread and terror where players must co-operate to survive. Take a look on the shelf and see what grabs your fancy!
Here are a few we offer.
Settlers of Catan, Dead of Winter,Scythe, King of Tokyo, Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne. This is just the beginning.

Trading/ Collectible Card Games

Board games not your thing? For die hard card gamers there's plenty of collectible/trading card games on hand for those that want to play a casual game. Maybe see a game you like the look of and simply want to learn how to play or learn a trick/strategy or 2 so you will be smarter and then crush your enemies in your next game mwhahahaha!!! We have:
Magic the Gathering, Yu-gi-oh, Universal Fighting System, Star Relams, Net Runner and more...


This year we have two major events prepared.


Friday 8pm
16 players
players will draw numbers to determine their factions.
1sr round players are put into groups of 4 and play to first player to reach 10 points followed by the next player with the next highest amount.
2nd round the top 8 players are once again put into groups of 4. Same again except playing to 15 points.
3rd and final round. The top 4 players now compete once again to 15 points and this time the 1st player to hit 15 or go beyond 15 furthest in case of a tie is declared the winner.


Sunday 1pm
Standard format. Players must bring their own decks to this event.
Swiss pairing/ rounds
Top 8 elimination finals


Got what it takes to beat a member of the trad gaming team. I admire your courage stranger.
It's simple. Approach a member of the trad team and draw a number from a box to determine which game is played. The games equipment will be provided to play. You just need to bring the skill, or even luck.
Good luck.