Dealers and Artists

We offer very limited dealer and Artists spaces; so be sure to book early. Prices are £15 for Artists and £50/£65 for Dealers. All payments are due in advance and are non-refundable should you choose to cancel less than 3 months prior to the event.

If you are a food vendor prices start from £25 up to £95. Get in touch for additional details.

An additional Saturday evening/Weekend option is available to all Artists and Dealers at a small additional cost should you wish you enjoy Tokonatsu's entertainment. Get in touch for additional details regarding this option.

  • When: Saturday 05/08/2017.
  • What time: 1pm to 5pm. Though this may be extended at times.
  • Where: The TokoMart marquee!

2017 Dealers and Artists:

Code of conduct/FAQ: 

  • Artists/Dealers/Vendors must make their presence known to a member of the committee upon arrival.
  • Parking must be reserved in advance prior to arriving on site.
  • Artists/Dealers/Vendors with 1 day passes may arrive onward of 10 am only and must be off-site by 8 pm.
  • The registered Artist must be present in order to exhibit at Tokonatsu.
  • Artist/Dealer/Vendor spots may not be transferred without prior arrangement.
  • All Artist items sold must be drawn/painted/made/created by the Artist themselves.
  • Anything sold must conform to British law.
  • Any items not drawn or made by the Artist must either be removed or entered into the Bring and Buy (usual fees apply).
  • Tokonatsu is not responsible for any items left in the TokoMart due to the nature of the venue. 
  • All Artists/Dealers/Vendors must display their badge while on site.
  • Artists/Dealers/Vendors may have 1 additional helper during the Saturday. 
  • If you require additional helpers please get in touch in advance.
  • Artists are allowed 1 large display only due to space limitations.
  • No posters, displays etc may be permanently attached the marquee.
  • No raffles or auctions. 
  • No mystery boxes or blind bags unless otherwise agreed to in advance. (Special terms apply.)
  • Music is not permitted at individual spaces.
  • Spaces must be cleaned and all items removed before leaving.
  • All general Tokonatsu rules and codes of conduct apply while exhibiting in the TokoMart.


Contact us for further details or if you have any queries.

Pantheria: TokoMart Liaison