Car Parking Permit


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Please note that we do have an overflow carpark 50m down the road, no permits are required for this area.

As you may know the car park at the camp site is very small, and as such we need to ensure that we can fit everyone in. So we have introduced this form that will allow you to request a permit for the camp site.

A request does not mean that you have been granted a spot, you will get a confirmation when your car park permit has been accepted, and you will need to print off this confirmation to place in the car.

This will also serve as a way of being able to contact you if something were to happen to your car on site, or if we need to have the car moved for some reason.

Note that if you are dropping someone off, and the car is not staying in the car park, there will be a drop off zone, and you will not require a permit. However be aware that the entrance to the car park is very small, so please be patient while we help unpack any car which is currently in the queue.

We will need as many details as possible, as we need to be fair. If you are able to bring more than one person, or if you have a reason why you need your car being there, then all these details will be useful. Please try and not be selfish.