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Full Weekend Pass Breakfast Supplied Tent Pitch Included Access All Games Free Goodie Bag

Early Access

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Arrive on Thursday Extra Bonfire Night Try out games early See behind the scenes +Standard Ticket

Two Day Pass

Arrive Saturday Tent Pitch Included Upgradable for additional nights Save extra money Leave Sunday Buy Now

With TokoTent

Weekend Pass with Tent Tent Supplied No need to carry extra Contact us for requirements **Please select when purchasing** Buy Now

Early Access with TokoTent

Early Access WITH Tent No need to carry extra Tent supplied Contact us for requirements **Please select when purchasing** Buy Now

Overnight Upgrade

Add an extra night Don't miss out on all the fun Available on the day *available for day passes *available for two day passes Contact Registrations
Can I change ticket types?

It is possible to switch between ticket types if the ticket type is available. If you contact our Registrations Officer, they will explain what the next steps should be. Changing to a lower ticket type will be subject to our standard T&Cs.

Can I get a refund?

Yes you can, as per our terms and conditions. If you contact our Registrations Officer with the details, they will look into this for you.

How do I book a TokoTent?

You must select from the dropdown on your ticket buying page that you require a TokoTent. If you forget, please let us know. If you have a specific requirement, a reasonable endeavours approach will be taken however we may not be able to honour your request.

When will I be charged?

When you enter your payment details into the form, you will be charged straight away. However you can choose to defer your payment for up to 2 weeks, or make partial payments up to 1 month before Tokonatsu starts. Partial Payments will be taken in sizes you choose, and will be charged when you enter your details into the form. We will not store your payment details, so they will need to be entered every time.

Have more questions?

Please check our *Questions and Answers* page for additional questions. If there is still something you are unsure about, please contact our Registrations Officer.