Early Entry Tickets

Tokonatsu Early Entry Registration

Are you a hardcore Tokonatsu fan, want to have the chance to pitch your tent early, see the general area, meet up with your friends, all this a clear 19 hours before everyone else attends? What you are looking for is the new Tokonatsu Early Entry Ticket!

What will you get?

  • Permission to arrive on-site starting from 1700 BST on Thursday 2nd August 2018.
  • Pitch your tent early to save you time on Friday.
  • An extra night of Tokonatsu for you to see your friends and socialise.
  • Try out some additional games that the Events Team have in store for you.
  • An extra 19 hours of Tokonatsu joy!

What does this cost?

The camp site itself does not come free, to cover the additional costs of venue hire, insurance and additional time that would be required for us to set-up, we will be asking for £70.00 for an Early Access Ticket.

Are there any hidden catches?

While there are some catches, we are not making them hidden. Below you can find the conditions of being allowed to turn up early to Tokonatsu.

  • No food will be served for early entry attendees, normal food serving will continue on Friday Dinner time. Please ensure you have provisions with you for the evening, breakfast and lunch the following day.
  • Activities may be interrupted by set-up, note that not all facilities will be available till the festival opens on Friday.
  • You may be asked to move around the camp site, depending on what is happening at the time. There may be changes which we usually work out on the Thursday that may affect your current location.

Still wanting to come?

If you have got this far, or just skipped everything and said to yourself "I AM COMING NO MATTER WHAT", then all you need to do is follow these steps.

Please let us know if you have any further questions, and we will provide more updates as we get closer to the festival!