About the Houses

Tokonatsu Houses 2017

In a truly Tokonatsu twist, attendees are split into four houses! Houses compete against each other in friendly rivalries in order to earn House Points!

What are the Houses for 2017?

How can you earn points?
Points can be earned by helping your team win an event, by helping maintain the campsite, or even by just turning up to events. Additionally, House Perks can be purchased using house points – whether the perk enables you to double your points per event, or whether it deducts points from a team of your choosing, you can be sure that a little bit of chaos goes a long way!

Which House am I in?
You will be in the same house colour as previous years. Those who have not been in a house previously, will be offered the opportunity to choose your house a few weeks before the event takes place, however if you do not choose a house will be randomly allocated for you.

Can I change my house?
You can get a single chance to be randomly placed in a new house. Please contact our Registrations Officer.

What happens if I get the most House Points?
During Tokonatsu, if you happen to be the person who has earned the most points for their house, you will be awarded the honour of being House Champion for the next Tokonatsu! This lucrative position can gain you prizes, and you have a unique opportunity to maximize your team’s ability to win!

What happened last year?
Last year our animal themed houses battled it out for supremacy, with a heated competition raging tooth and claw up until the very last moments. However, the competition previously saw the rise of an underground fifth house, hell bent on taking down the four main houses...this ‘black’ house operates away from the others, and could earn you ‘black market’ perks for your house.

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