The Mythical Beasts of Japan

In Japanese folklore there are numerous sacred beasts and spirits. Amongst the most notable of these are the Four Guardian Beasts of Japan, sometimes called the four gods of the cardinal directions. It is these legendary creatures that we have chosen to represent our four houses.

These creatures were originally central figures of Ancient Chinese astrology, and were adopted by the Japanese Onmyōji. They are very important figures and are frequently referenced in Japanese mythology. You will have seen representations of them in popular Anime and Japanese video games. Yu Yu Hakusho and Digimon both have examples of this as well as appearances in the Final Fantasy series, the Shin Megami Tensei and many others.

Read more about the houses and the announcement on our Introducing the Tokonatsu House Guardians page.

Red House: Suzaku

Suzaku is considered as a symbol of fidelity, will, kindness and nobility.
Team Captain : Sora

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Blue House: Seiryu

Seiryū is a symbol of authority, luxury, unrivalled strength, creativity and ferocity.
Team Captain : Cpt. Silverspar

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Green House: Genbu

Genbu is a symbol of purity, long life, versatility and intelligence.
Team Captain : Cpt. Orca

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Orange House: Byakko

Byakko is considered a symbol of righteousness and bravery.
Team Captain : Sloth Queen

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