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Tokonatsu 2018 - Valentine Day Competition

Tokonatsu's competition for Valentines Day!

Past Videos

Tokonatsu 2018 - Promo Video 1 (Revamp)

Introduction for Tokonatsu 2018.

Tokonatsu 2016 - A Battle is Coming

A battle bitter battle between four houses is about to commence! This video was a teaser into the houses for Tokonatsu 2016, and was shown during the Live Q&A session.

Tokonatsu 2016 - Q&A Session

The Tokonatsu Committee and Volunteers will be gathering online to answer your questions LIVE! During this Q&A session you are welcome to submit questions for us to answer. We will also be discussing plans for the event and taking ideas for what you would like to see. Committee and Staff Volunteers will be dropping in and out throughout the night, so do hang around to hear from everyone!

Tokonatsu 2016 - Video Update 1

Decided it would be better to get updates over in video format for larger announcements, and those that take a while to explain. In this video I talk about the Kitchen and Registrations.