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We are in the process of updating our website! Thank you to all that attended! Our new dates are the 2nd - 5th of August 2019!

What you can find at Tokonatsu

The Tokonatsu Food court will have a selection of food and beverages available for purchase during the event. Below you can find which of our selected vendors will be at the festival, and when they will be open.

Sapore D Italia

Opening times: Thursday (6pm-11pm), Fri - Sun (12pm-10pm)

Our experienced pizzaiolos use only the best authentic fresh Italian ingredients to bring you the real Italian taste. We carefully prove our dough and stretch it by hand to ensure we provide you with the best traditional Italian pizza.

We put a lot of care and love in our products, try it and you’ll not be dissapointed. That’s why our customers keep coming back for more. Quality is our best recommendation.

Sapore D Italia Website Festival Menu

Hachoo Bubble Tea

Opening times: TBC

From Canada Water, in London, Hachoo Bubble Tea is founded by Chingy and Han Ye. They are both scientists that love drinking bubble tea! So they though they would share our experience and give a personal insight into consuming this delicious drink in the UK as well as around the world!

Hachoo first came up with the idea of selling bubble tea kits when they moved to Hertfordshire. They found there were not many bubble tea shops around. So they decided to make their own.

Hachoo Website

Scoff 'n' Nosh

Opening times: Friday - Sun (12pm-10pm)

Scoff 'n Nosh is based in Suffolk but we travel anywhere in East Anglia and London. We are general caterers who can provide most styles of catering but we specialize in BBQ's with gourmet steakburgers and a range of pulled meats for events, festivals and corporate events..

Scoff 'n' Nosh on Add To Event Festival Menu (Coming Soon)

Really Awesome Coffee

Opening times: Sat - Sun (8am-4pm)

Welcome to Really Awesome Coffee. Established in 2010 we are a company passionate about great coffee who specialise in the mobile coffee market. We build high-end mobile coffee vans packed with unique features both for our growing franchise network and also for individuals who are looking for their own vehicle to convert.

Exceptionally high quality coffee and well trained baristas should be at the heart of any coffee business, be it a café, a kiosk or a mobile coffee van. We use only the highest quality green coffee, designing and fine-tuning our blends whilst electronically mapping the roast profiles on our micro-roaster before making the roasted blends available commercially.

Really Awesome Coffee Website Festival Menu

Newsstand Comics and Candy

Opening times: Thur - Mon

Newsstand Comics and Candy, Is ran by a regular attendee of Tokonatsu, James Cobley who provides a range of American Import Good, Candy and Drinks.

News Stand Comics and Candy