Matsuri / Japanese Festival


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We are in the process of updating our website! Thank you to all that attended! Our new dates are the 2nd - 5th of August 2019!

When: Every night, with celebrations on Saturday!
Who for: All Attendees.

You may have watched countless anime where the characters go to Japanese Matsuri (culture festivals) to have fun, eat great food and play games, while you could only dream of those pretty lanterns and brightly coloured stalls. Well dream no more! Let Tokonatsu whisk you away to our magical Matsuri! Eat a variety of tasty treats and join in with traditional festival activities like sumo wrestling and dances. We will soon have you poi fishing like a pro! Win prizes, share memories with your friends and when you are tired from all the festival fun why not chill out and watch a film in the TokoCinema? (run by, and with thanks, to TokoRetreat). The celebrations are held throughout Tokonatsu in the festival area, with the main extravaganza being held on Saturday evening.

Festival Games

  • Kingyo Sukui - Goldfish Scooping Game
  • Yo-yo Tsuri – Water ballon Yoyo
  • Senbonbiki – Pull string
  • Wanage - Ring toss
  • Superball Sukui – Super ball scooping
  • Omikuji – Fortune telling
  • Shageki –Shooting and archery gallery

Festival Events

  • TokoCinema - Provided by TokoRetreat
  • Disco
  • Sumo Wrestling Tournament
  • Karaoke
  • More to be announced..

Festival Games
Festival Lanterns