Matsuri / Japanese Festival

When: Every night, with celebrations on Saturday!
Who for: All Attendees.

The matsuri is a cornerstone of regional Japanese celebrations. Generally sponsored by local shrines, these festivals celebrate various important events throughout the year, hosting spectacular parades, delicious food stalls and exciting games. Many famous Japanese events, like the Sapporo Snow Festival and the Nango Summer Jazz Festival, are considered to be matsuri.

At Tokonatsu, we want to honour these vibrant celebrations with our own regional matsuri. In years past we’ve hosted all kinds of events, and this year will be no different. We’re uniquely placed to offer a glimpse into what a true matsuri looks like, giving you a chance to explore the culture in your backyard!

Full details about the Tokonatsu Matsuri, including which events we’ll be running this year, will be confirmed at a later date!

Festival Games we have run in the past

  • Kingyo Sukui - Goldfish Scooping Game
  • Yo-yo Tsuri – Water ballon Yoyo
  • Senbonbiki – Pull string
  • Wanage - Ring toss
  • Superball Sukui – Super ball scooping
  • Omikuji – Fortune telling
  • Shageki –Shooting and archery gallery

Festival Events

  • TokoCinema - Provided by TokoRetreat
  • Disco
  • Sumo Wrestling Tournament
  • Karaoke
  • More to be announced..

Festival Games
Festival Lanterns