Timeline and Milestones

With any undertaking as significant as becoming COVID-Safe, we would like to make visible Tokonatsu’s plans and milestones that we intend to meet so that the festival can run. All future milestones are subject to change if the situation changes, for example; government advice is adjusted.


Tokonatsu 2021

30th July 2021

Run a COVID-Safe Event

All Health and Safety documentation complete

25th July 2021

All documentation has been completed


Final GO/NO-GO decision point

26th June 2021

Final check with all team members on if Tokonatsu will be a GO or not

Draft Risk Assessments Published

15th June 2021

Draft Risk-Assessments are made available on the COVID-19 portal.

COVID-19 Portal is Published

11th April 2021

The initial timeline and Risk Assessments statuses were published in the COVID-19 portal

Q2 GO/NO-GO decision point

10th April 2021

GO/NO-GO decision point, we will make a decision to check if we are still on track and happy for Tokonatsu 2021 to continue safely.

Q1 GO/NO-GO decision point

9th Jan 2021

The first GO/NO-GO decision point for Tokonatsu, having spoken with all departments it was decided to start the process of completing all required Risk Assessments

Christmas Staff Meetup

5th December 2020

Initial discussions started and setup for Tokonatsu 2021 commenced, starting work on a COVID Safe festival in the event that we will be allowed to run in 2021

First COVID-19 Vaccines Announced

9th November 2020

News that the first COVID-19 vaccine was announced.

First Tokonatsu 2021 Meeting

7th November 2020

First meeting with the volunteers including discussion around a rumour that a COVID-19 Vaccine will be announced.

Virtual Tokonatsu 2020 Retrospective

9th August 2020

Post catchup with the Tokonatsu team - agreed to meet again to discuss 2021 in November

End of Virtual Tokonatsu 2020

2nd August 2020

Initial discussions started and setup for Tokonatsu 2021 commenced, in-case any new announcements meant we could run