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We are in the process of updating our website! Thank you to all that attended! Our new dates are the 2nd - 5th of August 2019!

When: Masquerade Saturday, Ready Steady Cosplay Sunday!
Who for: All Attendees, Parental Guidance for the Masquerade.

During Tokonatsu we will be running several events dedicated to cosplay, where you can learn about the hobby and have fun showing off your own creations. We have a few rules regarding Props and Weapons, but as long as your costumes are safe and appropriate for yourself and the other attendees, we look forward to seeing you at Tokonatsu in costume. We’ll even give you extra house points for doing events in cosplay!


Age Recommendation: PG-13 - Scenes and costumes may not be suitable for minors. Accompaniment recommended.

The “Cosplay Cup” is the only Open-air Cosplay Masquerade in the UK (Since we’re in a field, after all!) This is where you can compete to see who has the best costume, you can just enter to show off your hard work, or even just for a laugh! The winner will receive a trophy and there are several prizes for runner ups. Having your costume critiqued by our panel of judges is optional, and we accept both bought and handmade costumes.

Sign up forms can be found by clicking here and are also available up until the masquerade during the Tokonatsu event.

Ready Steady Cosplay

This is one of our most popular events, for veterans and newcomers alike. The aim is to make a team effort to produce a cosplay out of scraps of material in a set amount of time. We provide a mystery theme that the costumes have to be based upon. Due to the nature and popularity of the event, as well as limited materials, we only have a limited number of places so be sure to et to the event early.

Cosplay HQ

Throughout the Tokonatsu weekend we run a dedicated cosplay HQ where you can sign up for our events, get information regarding props and weapons, and generally have a chat with our friendly staff about your costume and crafting processes.

Repair Desk

Cosplay HQ also runs a repair desk as a just in-case precaution, for those awkward wig disasters or costume mishaps, we provide measures such as safety-pins, thread, tape, glue and all manner of quick repair items in case the worst should happen.

Kimono and Traditional Dress

At Tokonatsu we also give you a unique opportunity to try on our range of Japanese Kimono and traditional clothing. We’ll show you the traditional methods for how to wear these beautiful items, as well as let you try them out practically.

Masquerade Group Photo 2016

Cosplay Cup

Masquerade Group Photo 2015