Signup for Tokonatsu Assassins

You enter a dimly lit room and as you peer around trying to examine the room you feel a slight unexpected chill run down the back of your spine. As far as you can tell the room appears empty except for a desk in the middle, but the dimness ensures you are unable to see the outer edges of the room. On the desk you see two pieces of papers, one a contract awaiting a signature, the other a brief explanation. Before you start to read the latter you notice other items on the desk and you feel the nausea start to rise in your throat as you notice the horrifying and deadly items scattered next to the papers. The deadly string! The sickening glass of water! The terrible red stickers. Not being able to bear examining further for fear you may be scarred for life you focus on the paper and begin to read.

“Welcome to the dark underworld of Tokonatsu. We are the hidden Assassin Foundation. We recruit skilled individuals who attend the Tokonatsu Festival to see if they have what it takes to be a member of our organisation. We will put you against other recruits to test your skills and to see how far you can go.

Assassins is a form of entertainment that takes place over the weekend, you will pick up your Assassin pack on Saturday morning which include a full set of rules for you to abide by, a collection of tools and your initial targets for each day. Your aim is to avoid getting killed whilst trying to kill your target, if you succeed in killing your target you must take their current target as your own and keep going until the day ends or you get killed. But fear not, as the day renews the Kraken Gods will renew your life for you to begin again with your new day's target.

To agree to participate you must sign the contact below to agree to follow the rules as given in the assassins pack, but be warned if your pack is not picked up there will be dire consequences

We wish you the best of luck”

Ok, sign up to participate in Assassins here, a couple of things to bear in mind, by agreeing to follow the rules you are also agreeing to follow the spirit of the rules which is that this is a fun game that's great for icebreaking, let it be fun, use your common sense don't do dangerous stuff in the name of the game, oh and did I mention to have fun?

Secondly, if you do not pick up your assassin pack you will be deducted house points, partly because a lot of effort goes into setting up this game but mostly because not picking it up ruins the game for other players. In an effort to combat this, if you know people who will want to play please encourage them to sign up here, before coming to Tokonatsu as if enough people sign up in advance we can have assignment pick ups on Friday and maybe even an extra game day!