What to do when you arrive

New to Tokonatsu? Back after a break? There’s a lot to do all weekend, so here’s a handy guide to your first day on-site!

STEP ZERO: Get to the site! You can find details for directions on our venue page.
STEP ONE: Confirm your registration to receive your Tokonatsu conbag and badge. Whilst you’re here you can also collect your pre-ordered merchandise. If you want to drink on-site, please make sure to pack valid photo I.D. so you can receive a wristband.
STEP TWO: Set up your tent! You’ll be guided to a pitching area by one of our wonderful Tokonatsu Gophers, who’ll be there to answer any questions you have. If you don’t have a tent, we will have a limited supply available for purchase.
STEP THREE: Check the schedule in the conbag! This will be your go-to for every event you want to attend, as well as containing important notices, information about your house, and submissions from the Tokonatsu community!
STEP FOUR: Attend an Ice-breaker! The various teams of Tokonatsu – Cosplay, Traditional Gaming, Outdoor Gaming etc. – will all host simple events that anyone can join. If you’re new to Tokonatsu, this is the perfect opportunity to meet your house-mates and make some friends.
STEP FIVE: Attend the opening ceremony! Join us in the evening as we commemorate the festival’s official opening and introduce ourselves.