What is Virtual Toko?

It's the same as regular Toko, but online! Like so many others, we were devestated to learn that our annual get-together would need to be cancelled. We can't wait another year for festival funtimes! Thus, #VirtualToko was born. All the goodness of running around in a field but with none of the risks.

When is it?

Virtual Toko runs on Saturday 1st August from 10AM until late.

How do I attend Virtual Toko?

Watch our Twitch stream from 10AM for all the events!
Join our Discord channel to chat to other attendees and participate in events.

Who can attend?

Virtual Toko is a family-friendly event that is open to all ages. We do advise that some events will involve microphones/Discord use. We ask everyone to be mindful of using these appropriately. If in doubt, you can follow along on our Twitch channel.

What kind of events are happening?

We've got a whole range of events starting from 10AM! If you want something chilled out, try the Origami or Chibi Drawing workshops. Those of you with energy might enjoy the ParaPara panel or the Cooking class. Take a look at our events calendar to suss out your day!

Can I just watch anime instead?

Of course! We have an anime program all planned out too. Hang out in our Discord to discuss each show as you watch it! Do I need anything special to participate? You won't need any equipment, but we recommend that you have both a Twitch and a Discord account. These will let you participate fully in text and voice chat on both platforms. They're free of charge to create and use. Discord requires a download either on desktop or on your smartphone.

I didn't buy a ticket, can I still come too?

Of course! We'd love to see you there. If you enjoy your time on camp, please consider buying a ticket for next year's Tokonatsu when sales open. We're also accepting donations for St John Ambulance on our JustGiving page. Any contribution, big or small, will help them. St John Ambulance provides all the training for our Department of Injuries and we simply couldn't run without them.

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